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  1. […] to announce The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe is now a Bits & Mortar retailer!!!  Order a participating publisher’s RPG through The Wandering Dragon and we will give you the PDF for […]

  2. […] to distribute those PDFs,  and it couldn’t be simpler. Have a look at the website, there are several publishers aside from us that support Bits and Mortar, probably ones you may already carry. The instructions […]

  3. fred says:

    They’re behind schedule on that, but it’s best to ask them directly!

  4. Paul Cooper says:

    Where’s the more recent Cubicle 7 books?

  5. Duncan says:

    Twoscooterspress link is broken. Wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll leave it here and also say that this is a really cool idea!

  6. David says:

    Green Ronin, you really *REALLY* need to be on this list and you’re losing business because you’re not.

    • Brett Ritter says:

      Seconded- I’d have bought two M&M books today, but didn’t because they weren’t on this program.

  7. Territan says:

    I just found about this today, when I bought something at the local store and they asked for my email address. When I got home, there was the link for the PDF. Excellent; I wasn’t sure anyone would be willing to attempt something like this, but I’m glad they are!

  8. I concur. Great service. FInally someone is doing the right thing. Thanks everyone for this!

  9. […] proud to announce that Cobweb Games has joined the Bits and Mortar collective along with a host of great publishers. Bits and Mortar aims to provide customers (and, therefore, retailers) with extended PDF support, […]

  10. Carlos M. says:

    This is amazing. Please keep working on this, I love my physical books and I love my PDFs.


  11. Myriad Games says:

    Thank you to all the publishers supporting this initiative!

    – Dan Yarrington
    Myriad Games
    Your Friendly Professional Game Store

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