Who Are We?

Bits and Mortar is a growing alliance of like-minded publishers focused on supporting brick and mortar game stores in our electronic age. You’ll find links to our publishers below.

Arc Dream Publishing

Black Wyrm

big_icon_bitsmortar (1)

Raccoon skull

Cellar Games


Crooked Dice

Cubicle 7

design mechanism logo

Evil Hat Productions

Genesis of Legend

Hero Games Monochrome

Mischief Inc


Pelgrane Press

Rogue Games

Ryan Macklin

Sneak Attack Press

Sojourner Games

Vigilance Press

10 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. […] to distribute those PDFs, ¬†and it couldn’t be simpler. Have a look at the website, there are several publishers aside from us that support Bits and Mortar, probably ones you may already carry. The instructions […]

  2. fred says:

    They’re behind schedule on that, but it’s best to ask them directly!

  3. Paul Cooper says:

    Where’s the more recent Cubicle 7 books?

  4. Duncan says:

    Twoscooterspress link is broken. Wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll leave it here and also say that this is a really cool idea!

  5. David says:

    Green Ronin, you really *REALLY* need to be on this list and you’re losing business because you’re not.

  6. Territan says:

    I just found about this today, when I bought something at the local store and they asked for my email address. When I got home, there was the link for the PDF. Excellent; I wasn’t sure anyone would be willing to attempt something like this, but I’m glad they are!

  7. I concur. Great service. FInally someone is doing the right thing. Thanks everyone for this!

  8. [...] proud to announce that Cobweb Games has joined the Bits and Mortar collective along with a host of great publishers. Bits and Mortar aims to provide customers (and, therefore, retailers) with extended PDF support, [...]

  9. Carlos M. says:

    This is amazing. Please keep working on this, I love my physical books and I love my PDFs.


  10. Myriad Games says:

    Thank you to all the publishers supporting this initiative!

    – Dan Yarrington
    Myriad Games
    Your Friendly Professional Game Store

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