How Do I Join?

I’m a Retailer. How do I sign up?

First, you’ll want to go to our Retailer Access Area and register for an account using the controls on the right side of the login page.

It is entirely free.

Then, use our contact form and let us know you’ve registered an account! We’ll work with you to verify your status as a brick & mortar retailer of games or books, and then follow up with approving your account. Make sure you let us know who you are, where you’re located, and how we can get a peek at your store (maybe an online photo gallery, or something else).

Once your account is approved you’ll be able to access the PDFs of all the eligible products for all of our publisher-members. With access to those PDFs, you can start giving them out to your customers when they order the associated print product in your store, by sending them a download code they can use with this website, or downloading copies to your own machine and burning copies to CD, copying over to the customer’s USB drive, or whatever else works for you. It’s up to you whether you want to keep the transaction entirely in-house, keeping the customer’s attention on you as the place to take advantage of this program, or if you’re fine with them coming to our website to download the PDFs.

All we ask is that you not sell our products at steep discounts — a little “frequent buyer program” action is fine, of course.

Please note, we are still in our prototype phase, so the occasional bug may crop up. But we’d love to have you!

If you’d like to show your support for the program, you can grab the image shown to the right on this page.

I’m a Publisher. How do I sign up?

It is entirely free.

Use our contact form and let us know you’re interested! We’ll want you to buy into our philosophy and our approach — trusting brick and mortar retail stores to give out your PDFs, and giving out those PDFs free of charge with the purchase of the corresponding physical book. You are not restricted by this program – you can still give away or sell ebooks however you like. Learn more about our perspective over on the What Is This? page.

14 Responses to “How Do I Join?”

  1. Doug Mose says:

    I purchased several Colonial Gothic adventures from Amazon. I’d like to have the PDF versions too — is there a way I can get them?

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  3. […] publishers to join the scheme, so if you are a publisher and would like to take part, see their How Do I Join? […]

  4. Bryan says:

    I would like to commend you for getting this program started. This is something that I have been pondering over for some time now, and I’m glad to see a way for b&m vendors to compete. While I do not think that digital books are the way of the future, print and PDF bundles are great for reference material or travel. Thank you, and I will be contacting my local shops about joining.

  5. fred says:

    Miguel, the main requirement is that you be able to demonstrate that your products are available for sale into the retail channel, since our program is focused on brick & mortar retailer stores. Lulu certainly doesn’t rule that out, but it doesn’t tell us anything about your retail presence one way or the other!

  6. Could I join if I offered my books through Lulu for example?

  7. fred says:

    Right now a PDF only publisher couldn’t. Adding in the kind of scenario you’re talking about would undermine the mission objective to keep this as lightweight and simple as possible — there’s no commerce layer happening internal to our system at all. Maybe eventually we could get to adding in things like in store PDF sales, but for now it’s just outside of the scope we’re looking at.

  8. Ben. says:

    How could a PDF only publisher participate? I can see someone purchasing the product at the game store and receiving a coupon to then download it from the appropriate site…it adds a layer, but allows the FLGS to handle the transaction without the customer requiring a credit card.


  9. Dale McCoy says:

    Just sent off the “I’m interested, please let me know when you are taking applications” email. Excellent idea and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

  10. fred says:

    Hm. I’m a little confused — how *could* they, if the program is about giving away free PDFs with print books sold in retail stores?

    I suppose if eventually we had a way to sell the PDFs in store, sure, but that’s a distant future possibility. 🙂

  11. Matt says:

    How about pdf only publishers?
    Is there a way to get them involved in the program?

  12. fred says:

    We’d love to have you when we’re ready to go on this. Could you pop us a message via the “contact us” link on the side there, so I can get you filed into the prospective publisher list? 🙂

  13. Elizabeth says:

    You guys have me sold. I’d love to be a part of this; please hit me up when you’ve got space available.


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