Where’s my PDF?

If you’ve bought a qualifying book from a Bits & Mortar retailer, they have the power to give you the PDF to go with that book. All they’ll need is your email address and a minute of time with a web browser. Please talk to your retailer to get this sorted out; sometimes a little reminder of the program is all they need.

If that doesn’t work — though it should! — you can contact the publisher of the book you purchased to get your PDF, in some cases. Please refer to the relevant publisher’s website for contact details. Make sure you have digital proof of purchase — typically a scanned receipt or a photo of you with the book — to help with such communications.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

2 Responses to “Where’s my PDF?”

  1. Samuel Stamps says:

    Hi I purchased the rule book to Trail of Cthulhu from Top Desk Games in Tulsa Oklahoma a month or so back. Top Deck Games shows as a member of Bits and Mortar. I didn’t realize there was such a service as Bits and mortar at the time. I didn’t keep my receipt. Is there any way at all I can get the PDF of the book?

    • fred says:

      You’d either need to contact the store & ask, or contact the publisher & ask if photo proof of book ownership would suffice.

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