Print and post the updated Bits & Mortar store flyer

We have an updated store flyer with all our publishers as of November 2014. Print it and post it at your store’s point of sale to tell all customers that these publishers want to reward them for shopping in your store with free PDF editions of their games.

To send the PDF at point of sale, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in with your retailer password at
  • Click on the product’s publisher
  • Scroll down to to the product
  • Enter the customer’s email address and hit “send”!

Click to download and print

Evil Hat’s Atomic Robo Instant Content Preorder with Bits & Mortar!

Atomic Robo RPG CoverEvil Hat is shipping the Atomic Robo RPG (EHP0006) in late June of this year. They’re running a preorder, and would like to welcome friendly local game stores to be a part of this through Bits and Mortar!

Call it an Instant Content Preorder — retailers who are a part of Bits & Mortar are given permission and encouraged to deliver a PDF of the Atomic Robo RPG to their customers as soon as those customers place a confirmed preorder with the store.

No waiting, no choosing between Evil Hat and your FLGS; you can choose both by preordering with your store and getting the PDF right away, same as if you preordered it from Evil Hat.

If you’re a brick & mortar game store owner, make sure you’ve got an account with Bits & Mortar to take advantage of this offer.

And if you’re a fan of a local game store, make sure to make them aware of this opportunity. :)

Bring on the Action Science! And don’t forget your Fate Dice.