Chaosium Joins Bits & Mortar: Roll For Sanity Loss

Chaosium-dragon-logo-clear-black-mortar175Strange aeons indeed! The rumors are true, as you’ve heard in unsettling, shadowed tales told by flickering candlelight. Chaosium is now a member of the Bits & Mortar initiative!

As with any publisher new to the initative, it will likely take them a couple weeks to get things all set up. Stay tuned, and retailers, keep an eye out for the Chaosium folder to appear on your list of supporting publishers in the retailer interface.

Bits & Mortar Climbs to High Rock

high rock pressWe have a new publisher!

High Rock Press is a Gerlach, NV based publisher of fiction and roleplaying games. (Yep: they live where Burning Man happens.) It’s run by Jason Walters, general manager of Indie Press Revolution, CEO of Hero Games, author of numerous books, and a generally small press kind of dude.