Chaosium Joins Bits & Mortar: Roll For Sanity Loss

Chaosium-dragon-logo-clear-black-mortar175Strange aeons indeed! The rumors are true, as you’ve heard in unsettling, shadowed tales told by flickering candlelight. Chaosium is now a member of the Bits & Mortar initiative!

As with any publisher new to the initative, it will likely take them a couple weeks to get things all set up. Stay tuned, and retailers, keep an eye out for the Chaosium folder to appear on your list of supporting publishers in the retailer interface.

2 Responses to “Chaosium Joins Bits & Mortar: Roll For Sanity Loss”

  1. Gus Diaz says:


    Will this policy apply to any purchase of physical books in your online store?

    Also, any chance of getting free PDFs of any physical books bought to you in the last two years? I nearly finished my Call of Cthulhu and MULA collections but while I’m still a collector, I don’t use physical copies anymore for my games, and receiving those PDFs for free would be great if at all possible.

    Finally, I bought some of my MULAs as Print On Demand copies from drivethrurpg or Book Depository. Any chance of getting free PDFs for those purchases?

    Thanks in advance

  2. […] Chaosium has joined the Bits & Mortar program. Purchasing their print products in retail store now also comes with a free PDF of the product. […]