Evil Hat’s Atomic Robo Instant Content Preorder with Bits & Mortar!

Atomic Robo RPG CoverEvil Hat is shipping the Atomic Robo RPG (EHP0006) in late June of this year. They’re running a preorder, and would like to welcome friendly local game stores to be a part of this through Bits and Mortar!

Call it an Instant Content Preorder — retailers who are a part of Bits & Mortar are given permission and encouraged to deliver a PDF of the Atomic Robo RPG to their customers as soon as those customers place a confirmed preorder with the store.

No waiting, no choosing between Evil Hat and your FLGS; you can choose both by preordering with your store and getting the PDF right away, same as if you preordered it from Evil Hat.

If you’re a brick & mortar game store owner, make sure you’ve got an account with Bits & Mortar to take advantage of this offer.

And if you’re a fan of a local game store, make sure to make them aware of this opportunity. 🙂

Bring on the Action Science! And don’t forget your Fate Dice.