Wild Talents, Essential and Free

Get Arc Dream Publishing’s Wild Talents Essential Edition rulebook in PDF free with any Wild Talents sourcebook.

April 18, 2011 — All PDF editions of the sourcebooks in the Ennie Award-nominated Wild Talents game line now come with the PDF of the Wild Talents Essential Edition rulebook as a free bonus download.

Under Arc Dream Publishing’s Free PDF Guarantee, and in conjunction with Bits and Mortar, anyone who buys a Wild Talents sourcebook in print can obtain the PDF free — now including the PDF of Wild Talents Essential Edition.

The PDF of Wild Talents Essential Edition comes free with the following Wild Talents sourcebooks, developed by Arc Dream Publishing and published into retail distribution by Cubicle 7 Entertainment:

  • The Kerberos Club (stock code CB75401, ISBN 978-1-907204-36-4)
  • This Favored Land (stock code CB75402, ISBN 978-1-907204-45-6)
  • Grim War (stock code CB75403, ISBN 978-1-907204-50-0)
  • eCollapse (stock code: CB75405, ISBN 978-1-907204-69-2)
  • Progenitor (stock code CB75412, ISBN 978-0-85744-063-1)

This applies to anyone who buys a Wild Talents sourcebook in a retail store or at an online store. As part of the Bits and Mortar network, Arc Dream makes PDF editions of all Wild Talents sourcebooks available free to customers who buy them in stores. Those PDFs, too, now come with Wild Talents Essential Edition.

And it’s retroactive. Any customer who bought a Wild Talents sourcebook in the past — in PDF or in print, online or at a convention or a store — can get the Wild Talents Essential Edition PDF free under the usual terms of Arc Dream’s Free PDF Guarantee.

If you’ve bought a Wild Talents sourcebook, request your copy of Wild Talents Essential Edition at Arc Dream Publishing’s website, www.arcdream.com/retail.php.


Wild Talents is Arc Dream Publishing’s roleplaying game of superpowered suspense and drama. It features fast-playing rules for gritty, dangerous action; character development rules that build drama by focusing on conflicting motivations; incredibly flexible rules for developing any kind of superpower you want; and Kenneth Hite’s ingenious guidelines for creating new superheroic settings and new superheroic histories tailored to the kind of game you want to play.

Wild Talents is available in two formats: the stripped-down, black-and-white paperback Wild Talents Essential Edition, which includes all the rules for playing the game, and the full-color, hardback Wild Talents Second Edition, which adds Kenneth Hite’s guidelines for worldbuilding and an extensive alternate history of 20th century Earth. Both versions were developed by Arc Dream Publishing and are available to retail distribution from Cubicle 7 Entertainment.


Arc Dream publishes the acclaimed roleplaying game lines Wild Talents, Godlike, and Monsters and Other Childish Things, and the newly resurrected Call of Cthulhu magazine The Unspeakable Oath. Arc Dream also develops new Delta Green sourcebooks for Call of Cthulhu in conjunction with Pagan Publishing. Nearly all of Arc Dream Publishing’s games are available in retail distribution through its publishing and fulfillment partner, Cubicle 7 Entertainment.


Arc Dream Publishing: www.arcdream.com or email shane@arcdream.com
Cubicle 7 Entertainment: www.cubicle-7.com
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