Pantheon Press Joins

Pantheon Press, publishers of Nobis and Fortune’s Fool, has joined the Bits & Mortar initiative. Retailers should see their files uploaded in the next few days. Please drop us a line if you need to get into contact with Pantheon about their products, we’ll be happy to help you make the connection!

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Retailers Mailing List

If you’re a publisher or retailer member of Bits & Mortar, please log into the Retailer Access Area and look in the upper right corner for a link to sign up for our new retailers mailing list.

We’re starting this up in order to improve communications between our publisher and retailer members, get questions answered, and let you know about new and upcoming file uploads.

(Some of you may have received invites to the group already. We’re limited in how many we can send out, though, so for others the invite may come later. You can sign up right now, though!)

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Bits and Mortar Retailer Map

Are you a Bits and Mortar retailer? Send us your physical address and we’ll add you to the map.

Note: The arrows on the map seem to come and go. To be sure whether a store is near you, enter your ZIP code in the box. Then they show up properly.

Enter Your Address or Zip Code Above.

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