Retailer Testimonial

This just came into our inbox, and I absolutely had to share it:

So, because I got tired of handwriting stickers for books telling of your excellent PDF offer, I printed off several sheets and decided to replace the previous ones. We had, at time of stickering, 109 products (we’ve sold several since then).

It’s been a fairly good success for us – certainly it’s something that people are pleased to receive and it has led to people deciding to purchase from us over purchasing online – one customer purchased the complete line of Wild Talents books that we had and preordered all of the available listed books from us solely because of your deal. It’s also made people generally more willing to preorder – being able to give them the PDF the moment they do so is somthing I enjoy doing, and it’s had a noticeable impact on sales on the lines that offer it.

So thanks, for running something that’s helped us get some new customers, increase preorders and generate goodwill.

Matt Cramsie
Games Paradise, Sydney, Australia

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