Contested Ground Studios Joins

Contested Ground Studios — publisher of A|State, Cold City, Hot War, and more — is now a part of the Bits & Mortar initiative. Welcome, guys!

September 23, 2010 | Posted in: News | Comments Closed

The Retailer Beta Is Live

Great news! Our retailer access area is live for beta. You can fill out account registration on the right side of the retailer access login page. If you’re an interested retailer, please read the “How Do I Join?” instructions so you know how to get those t’s crossed and i’s dotted! You’ll need to email us your vitals so we can confirm that you’re a brick & mortar store.

If you’re an interested publisher, hold on to your hat! We’ll be bringing in additional publishers who have or who are seeking established relationships with sales into the retail channel in another few weeks (ahead of schedule).