Publisher Coalition Forms Pro-Retailer Pro-PDF Initiative Bits and Mortar

(August 9, 2010 — Indianapolis, IN) The past several years have seen growth in consumer acceptance of PDFs and eBooks. With an eye on using this to drive customers to their friendly local game stores, a coalition of publishers have formed Bits and Mortar, a pro-retailer, pro-brick-and-mortar, pro-PDF, pro-eBook initiative.

Bits and Mortar uses simple methods and existing technology to allow retailers the ability to quickly and easily offer their customers PDF versions of the physical games they purchase in store at no additional charge.

The Bits and Mortar publisher coalition includes Arc Dream Publishing, Cellar Games, Cubicle 7, Evil Hat Productions, Pelgrane Press and Rogue Games.

“We love real, physical brick and mortar game stores, and we want to see them survive — and thrive — even as the digital content options for gaming become more prevalent,” said Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions.

“Today’s game-buying customers want the best of both worlds: the portability of an e-book, and the lasting durability of one made out of paper, glue, and ink. They want to be able to support their favorite local game stores, and they want to be able to support their favorite publishers,” Hicks said.  “The Bits and Mortar initiative is all about making sure they don’t have to choose one or the other. We want them to choose both, every time.”

Richard Iorio of Rogue Games added, “By offering free PDFs together with the books sold in game stores, Bits and Mortar publishers are giving retailers a free value-add that keeps customers coming to the store, and in turn keeps that store in business. Everybody wins.”


4 Responses to “Publisher Coalition Forms Pro-Retailer Pro-PDF Initiative Bits and Mortar”

  1. Way to go Fred and the Gang!
    What you’re promoting gels a half-formed idea of my own. I’m glad to see it become a reality (’cause I had no idea how to make it work!). Y’all keep on rockin’!

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